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12th November 2015 - Making Off - Comments

The last week of October an old friend told me that after months of intense work, now had less job and he wanted to do some Pyrenean getaway. This is Carlos Canales, great documentary photographer who a few years ago decided that his true passion was his profession and the truth is not doing anything wrong. You can see their web documentary wedding photography

When Carlos offered me the break I came to mind a place that had long been wanting to photograph, Neouvielle lakes in the French Pyrenees. An Eden of ridges, meadows, pine forests and crystal clear waters just an hour of Bielsa crossing to France.


The weather for the week was somewhat unstable, produciéndosen the first strong snow at higher elevations of the Pyrenees. We picked up on Wednesday, November 4th to spend a night that the forecast was better.


Departure from Zaragoza at 10am. to get there with time to explore the area and find locations to photograph the sunset, night and dawn Thursday. But as always it tends to happen forecasts rarely reflected reality completely.


Before crossing to France in Bielsa we stopped eating. At the entrance of the natural park we met a great sign that said something like "PORT FERME" but a car down to the contrary, as we have come here later .... !! We continue along the road past the lac d'ascending Orédon until a 2200m altitude appearing some snow on the road. 1km before reaching our destination, the refuge of lac d'Aubert, had to leave the car on the ice became increasingly present on the road. Arriving at the shelter our surprise was that it was closed ... so I played sleep in the car (luckily in this case was spacious to lie).


Fotos: Carlos Canales


We arrived at Lac d'Aumar an hour before sunset and decided to concentrate on the northern tip of the lake where he saw several different frames within a small radius.

Foto: Carlos Canales


As the sun hid behind the mountains the temperature dropped considerably increased while moisture. A small cluster of low clouds began to create some color being seen briefly.


Foto: Carlos Canales




After sunset we went to the car to go with a little light because it was a 30 minute walk. Once there we had dinner with a couple of beers that brought Carlos and saw a documentary photography before bedtime. The cold was quite bearable but the comfort of the car are not 5 star.


We had 30% waning moon to give daylight to night. The lunar sunrise was at 1:30 am so I stayed in the car a couple of hours to allow time to reach a considerable height and thus illuminate the scenes photographed.

The sky was clear and starry and 4 am I left the car to the edge of the lake. The temperature -1st, did nothing wind and the waters were quiet generating a perfect reflection.

Already with the team ready I made the different settings most liked in the afternoon. After various tests of exposure times and color temperature opted for the following parameters: ISO 3200, f2.8, 15 sec. 4000ºK. Thus thanks to the moon I think that is a correct exposure to avoid problems of noise or jitter in the stars. Two hours doing shots given time to make a presentation of 32 minutes.

The next shot is targeting OS:

Orientación S:

Exposicion de 32 min, Iso 50, f2,8:


The sun rose at 7:40 so while meanwhile Carlos made the rounds:

Fotos: Carlos Canales.

And secondly, I made mine:


For 10 minutes we enjoyed a sunset with a clear sky almost catching the first light in the red peaks had snow.


At 8 am we finished the half hour session and back to the car with the sun in front of us sat more than good ... Once collected all at 8:30 empredimos homecoming Escalona stopping in to take a strong lunch and hot coffee. Then, to home with the feeling of having done the job well done.



Es muy guay poder ver el making off y ver que detrás de cada fotografía hay horas, frío y mucho trabajo en casa!
Juan Pixelecta
Un documento muy muy bueno. Y que fotacas.
Muy bueno el making off. Gracias por documentar la realidad de lo que hay detras de cada foto :) Habeis hecho fotones! Saludos!

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