10 Photographers who inspire me

12th May 2016 - Fotógrafos - 1 Comment -


One of the factors to be encuenta inspiration for every photographer is the creativity of others ... Every photographer has their qualities and their own vision but does not follow great photographers but today as I bring you today for we bring new ideas and achieve growth in the photograph.


Photographers that I monitor closely for some time and that I understand it, bring something different to the great flood of photographs published in major portals like 500px.





Great Canadian landscape photographer specialist in alpine sports.

original ideas which mixes sport mountain with unusual landscapes and unusual frames. Also say that Paul is the most present photographers in the networks because it has a very extensive work. It is not easy to surprise with each of his photographs, but he gets it.

Here you have your 500px gallery to see more of his work.





I took a while following this great German photographer based in the Austrian Alps. It highlights especially their evening panoramic mountain where conditions are not easy achieving great detail and cleanliness. The human figure is usually present giving a bonus to their works.

It is one of the photographers with more presence in social networks today.

I recommend you visit his 500px gallery



Years are those that have been following this French photographer and musician.

It is characterized by the use of telephoto lenses mountain, capturing moments of light during their epic voyages in Torres de Paine or Iceland.

I've always thought that the photographers who are also musicians have a special sensitivity in photography.

To see more of his work, his 500px gallery







Landscape photographer Vancouver (Canada). Images risky points hullendo view endowed with great dynamism of the classical landscape photographs. In his works gets the connection between landscape and photographer without finding limits by achieving convey that idea.


When I saw this photograph I was rapt given the complexity and perfect composition.


See his work at 500px and read the descripiciones of each image ... worth it.






Australian photographer who took little more than a year following his works. Highlight their evening panoramic. treated very well and in great detail milky ways. atypical and very well processed images.

Stop by the gallery to see his work 500px.





French photographer based in Iceland. Over a year ago I met through social networks to see one of his works performed in the Pyrenees which shocked me. Since then I follow his work with admiration. Since settled in Iceland gives us images as beautiful as I present it here.

Stop by the gallery 500px




Thai landscape photographer. Some time ago I really caught the attention his photographs of Patagonia. Mountain scenery with perfect framings, large sensitive handling of light and a very careful editing. Since then I keep each of his works made around the world.

Stop by the gallery 500px


Great night Spanish photographer and close friend. It has taught me almost everything. I'd still freaking out with his photographs that brings from his travels to Iceland, Lofoten or New York to which I have been able to attend several of them. Search highlights its great scenery and a mastery of light. It has recently added a stream of digital processing itself teaches it in the different courses offered by all Spanish geography.

Recommend you go through his gallery 500px





Night Photographer Dakota (USA) that stands out for its beautiful night shots with the presence of the Milky Way.


It has a great time domain processing night skies providing them with great detail and realism.


You can see more of his work in his gallery 500px




Manchester portrait photographer. Leaving out the landscape to finish could not forget the portraits of Lee Jeffries. His unique work is based on portraits of people from the street "Homeless". With careful editing process manages to give drama to his subjects. Photography stir consciences.

To see more of his work go into his 500px gallery 

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