Guillermo Garcia Delgado

I was born in Zaragoza in 1986. Although photography is not my work activity, over time it has become a somewhat more than a hobby.

Very little it was when I started to photograph the land where I come from and I grew, the Moncayo. Back in 2008 I bought with my savings first digital SLR camera and since then began a long process of learning in which I am still submerged.

From day one my taste has opted for the natural landscape, although few years ago I discovered the night photography, then I opened my eyes to a new world of photography. I like to melt in the middle of the night in a stunning natural landscape under a night sky surrounded by silence. Night photograph fills me and makes me enjoy the surroundings also make me reflect on the fragility of human beings.

To get the most out of my pictures I make use of the latest technology in photographic equipment and software.



Finalist twice in the Siena International Photo Awards 2015

Home of Arts and Letters Heraldo de Aragon, No. 498, April 16, 2015.

Medal of Excellence in Triegemberg Supercircuit 2015.

1st Prize Winner in 2015. Theshutterview categia of night.

Aragón Radio interview.

Digital Magazine Publishing Magazine Photography Masterclass.

Traveling publication in the journal. (ED 416 Jan 2014)